Mark Brown

CEO & Founder of Certainly Apps

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Industrial & Systems Engineer - RIT


Campus Food

Helping hungry college students find free food on their campus

Community Food

Making food donation easy for both parties. We want to help reduce hunger and food waste

Upkeep Alert

Maintenance tracking should be easy. When things are easier to report more gets done

 Founder & CEO

Certainly Apps Inc.


An Interactive electronics

lesson plan builder

for all ages

Paper Breadboarding


Bad Correlation

Some people do not deserve the fame the media gives them. We currently have an issue where the monsters who commit terrible acts get more attention than their own victims. It is time to change this! NoFame is a Chrome Extension that removes the names of school shooters, mass murderers, and other vile people and replaces them with that they really are, "a monster".

NoFame Chrome Extension

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Design For Diversity
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