A project done to analyze random correlation in random searches

Bad Correlation

Beans & Smell

Well I guess it makes sense...
This project looks at random correlation from Google search trends with an aim to find comedic results!
The git repository, "Random_Analytics.py", can be found [HERE]
It has dependencies on pandasmatplotlibrandom_words, & pytrends

Difficulties & Liquors

I guess you can drink your difficulties away, at least form a search engine point of view

Some Made Sense

A few images that need no explanation for their correlation. 

Cells & Powers


Precautions & Wounds

I feel like these shouldn't be as correlated

Contempt & Engineer

This describes my college experience so far

Claims & Trash

One man's trash is another man's to claim. The more claims the less there is left over as waste.

Zeros & Presentations

RIP grades

Bills & Couples

Looks like a trend leading to arguments. 

Insertion & Demonstration


Attempts & Consequence

The more attempts the more likely it is to... yeah you see why this correlates

Complement & Trouble

 "Perfection is a terribly misplaced goal and most often a compensation for what really troubles us"

Wills & Bullets

Is everybody ok? Anyone need help?

Request & Commands

It does sound more polite to request than to command. Maybe this is a good trend.

Possibility & Axes

An ax brings so many possibilities! 

Absence & Argument


Resources & Drugs

Resources to do drugs? To get drugs? Or maybe to get clean?
(Also interesting that the search for "resources" falls so much during the holidays) 

Ideas & Ocean

I guess it isn't an ocean of ideas out there

Headset & Pleasure

Not too many pleasurable headsets out there?

Sticks & Hospitals

Searching for sticks may lead to searching for hospitals

Reports & Software

Out of 15000+ search pairs this has the strongest correlation. Though it makes a lot of sense.

Failure & Improvement

To have a positive note, do not let your failures hold you back from improvement!
“Suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something”

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