Help end hunger

Reduce food waste

Enroll your organization to easily donate food

Food insecurity is an issue that affects 1 in 8 Americans. Due to this many food banks are often struggling with food collection and distribution. This is all happening in a country where 30-40 percent of food goes to waste. We at Certainly Apps developed this app so together we can connect people to better food!

The Current Method of Food Donation

Realize you have excess food to donate

Find your food bank and give them a call

Wait on hold

Try to describe the donation to the overworked volunteer

Wait for them to show up

Realize you forgot something

It's just bad...

The Community Food way

Realize you have excess food to donate

Open the app

Scan the barcode

Get your food picked up for a noble cause

Feel good!

It's just simple :)

With automatic data collection, inbuilt routing, and barcode scanning our app does it all! We aim to help reduce the scheduling load on all the wonderful volunteers all while making it easy to donate safe, unused food. Whatever you can offer helps expand the opportunities for local food providers.


Interested? Join our community!

For inquiries about how your organization can join the Community Food efforts email We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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