Chrome Extension to remove the names of terrible people

What is it?

Some people do not deserve the fame the media gives them. We currently have an issue where the monsters who commit terrible acts get more attention than their own victims. It is time to change this! NoFame is a Chrome Extension that removes the names of school shooters, mass murderers, and other vile people and replaces them with that they really are, "a monster".

Can I contribute?

Though I never want this list to expand it is inevitable that it will. I am also looking for more categories and lists to pull data from to make this extension more extensive. Currently all the names are pulled from Wikipedia pages once a month. If you believe you have a well reviewed Wikipedia page that should be included in our list please add it with the form below. Together we can make evil a fameless pursuit. 

Can I see the code?

The code is fairly simple search and replace extension, nothing more than that. If you need to see how it is handling your information the git repository is linked below. Along with that I appreciate any help improving it as we move forward.

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