Magnolia Cafe West Closes during COVID-19 Crisis

The iconic diner and cafe on Lake Austin Boulevard looks to close it’s doors permanently. Kent Cole, the owner of the Magnolia Cafe announced that the Magnolia Cafe’s West location does not plan to reopen after the pandemic ends.

The location has a long-running history of forty-one years. As the website claims it is a location known by the public for operating “24/8.” The place had originally started as the Omelettry West as a partnership between Ken Carpenter and Kent Cole. Soon after plans to expand the Lake Austin Boulevard location was solely taken over by Kent Cole.

The second location on South Congress, opened in 1988, looks to continue operations after the pandemic at this time. Though this location is closed as of now due to the Coronavirus you can show support and help keep it open by buying a gift card from the link below.

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