A community sourced project to end college hunger
Q: How do I post free food locations?
A: Anyone can tweet locations of free food as long as they include "#RITfreefood" their tweet will be posted on the map within 20 minutes.
Q: How do you locate my tweet?
A: Our program tries to take a best guess at a location based on locations of previous free food tweets. Most importantly to ensure accuracy include the 3 letter code for the building such as "GLE" or "BOO". Other keywords that will guarantee correct placement include "Tiger Statue", "Engineering Hall", and "Food Share". Please note that these still need to be tagged with "#RITfreefood" no matter how good the description is.
Q: What is with that cluster of points out in the swamp?
A: ...about that... It couldn't accurately guess the location of the food so it throws them over there. I hope the text that appears on clicking helps give some context. It is in the works to train the model to recognize more locations as time goes on.
Q: There was no more food left. What gives?
A: Points stay up for 6 hours after the last tweet or retweet about it was posted. I may adjust this time limit as things progress. 
Q: This event hasn't happened yet. Are you a time traveler?
A: Most posts do not include enough information to guess when they are happening and are defaulted to post time. If you want the event to be live on the map when it is live on campus simply retweet it when it begins or wait to post it till then.
Q: What about facebook?
A: What about Google+? But on a serius note I just couldn't figure out the API or how to filter out all the junk as well as with twitter. Twitter makes things easy with how public all posts are.
Q: How can I help?
A: All information here is community sourced. The biggest help you can be is by simply tweeting the locations of free food with "#RITfreefood". If you are interested in helping further and keeping both me and the site alive donate to my Java Wally's fund:
Q: I have feedback!
A: Excellent! Feel free to email me at mrb5142@rit.edu. I may not be quick to respond about this project but I am happy to hear suggestions about it.

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